Monday, August 09, 2010

Jerry Johnson to Lowell, ID 52 miles

There are no services until we stop for the day, so we ate out of our packs. I really like the couscous, but the flavored stuff has too much salt. It would be better to mix your own.

We all stopped to have snacks, but left before Janelle and Ted because I wanted to use an actual bathroom at the historic ranger station.
The ranger station was more of a complex and included a cabin which had been dismantled, floated down the river and reassembled.
Apparently Jamie, Mike, Heidi and Sara passed us, because I found a hairbrush in my front pack Sara has been passing around.
We rejoined Ted and Janelle in Lowell at around noon Pacific time.
The RV park we are staying at has a pool, hot tubs and showers, but no laundry. Two rivers join here to become the Clearwater. Watching the sun go down over a sand (pebble) bar was soothing.

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Dugg said...

Guess you must have missed "nudie night" at Jerry Johnson - a very frequent occurrence (and also at Lolo Hot Springs on the other side of the pass). The pools/springs must be a great relief after putting on those miles. Didn't look at Elliot's map so don't know whether you're going anywhere near Coeur d'Alene. Dwight sent us his flight schedule to Portland.

Luv M&D

biketrekker said...

I guess the people of our group did not miss it; they refused to acknowlege it.
We are not going near Couer d'Alene :(
I hope to see D and E before I actually finish!