Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cambridge, ID to Richland, OR

I think Bill was trying to kill me this morning. Uphill for 16 miles with an elevation gain of 1,331 feet full speed. We saw actual wildlife, even though it was only mule deer. No rattlesnakes. There was a a letter to the editor in a local paper that told of a hike running along the road we traveled where the hiker spotted 70 rattlers in a 20 mile stretch.

We crossed into Oregon! I am in Pacific Time 'till the end now!

In Oxbow, OR, there were tantalizing signs warning of mnt goats, but alas... we saw none.
Halfway was a cute little town. Even though some of these towns have low populations, they have still managed to keep their stores. It can't be all tourists either, because they stay open all year.
The second climb was not as long as the first. Switchbacks degraded :) the ride.
We rode on and off as a group today and finally rejoined at the RV park in Richland. I set my bike up against the fence in the shade for about 30 min. and then moved it to a spot in the sun and 15 min later the tire blew with a bang. Bill attributes this to my excessive downhill speed. Hmm. Good thing I was done riding for the day.
Bill tried to soak me with the faucet, but I rolled myself up in his unsetup tent. Good quality tent, BTW. It kept me quite dry.
When checking out the library, we noticed that it was closed today, but the librarian was inside the building. She let us in, too and let us use the computer to check emails. How beautifully small town. As much as I love Buffalo, I can still appreciate the pleasures of living in a small town. Dinner was a salad and pie at the cafe.
A family group in the RV park on vacation offered to serve us breakfast in the morning; alas they were having biscuits and gravy! Not vegetarian.
There was supposed to be a meteorite shower tonight, but I am tired, sleep takes priority.

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