Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dillan, MT to Jackson, MT 48 miles

Left the KOA at around 7 and went to breakfast at a restaurant, where we saw Rich from last night. Shortly after the other Eastbound couple from California showed up.
Since Safeway was on the way out of town, so we stopped there for lunch supplies.

We must have missed a turn to get out of town, so we ended up traveling a short distance on the interstate to get back on route.
Long distances without a lot to distinguish the miles. We cranked up two long passes, losing almost all the elevation gained in the valley between.
At the top of the second one, I wanted Dad to roll his eyes, smile and state, "the weaker sex".

On a mostly downhill ride into Jackson made another attempt to surpass my previous speed record of 49, but only managed 47. Sigh.

We met Gwyn from New Zealand. He is spending about 80 days cycle touring in the West before moving on to Europe and Japan to complete a years worth of touring.

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