Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eugene to Eugene 0 bike miles, numerous foot miles

We walked around Eugene today going to Trader Joes (darn tourists- neither Bill nor I had ever been to one) and the library, as well as looking in the bus station and a Danish furniture store. Tons of cyclists and bike lanes/ paths in addition to automobile drivers who expect cyclists and take them into account make Eugene the finest place to be a cyclist I have ever been yet.

These people are tubing down the Willamette River in tire tubes. The one guy is wearing a Viking hat with horns. Typical Eugene. In the evening at the grocery store, a woman was wearing an antelope hat. Typical Eugene.

I saw 2 Datsuns! Land of the older car.
We had planned on going to see a free movie outside town and taking a bus there, but instead we bought groceries, ate in our room and played Bananagrams.

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