Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mt. Vernon to Ochoco Pass, OR, OR 80 miles

We saw our first coyotes this morning and then rode within 3 feet of a coiled rattlesnake warming itself on the edge of the road at 9 in the morning. Bill was in front and I was drafting off him. He was in the zone and didn't even notice it. Since I was so close to him, I never saw it either, but heard it as we passed, then looked in my rear view mirror to see what had made the noise. We were doing about 17 mph, and so didn't stop, but at its widest, it was about the diameter of a soda can.
A couple with BF Air Glides in their car turned around to come back to talk to me about my BF New World Tourist. The BF generates more conversation the further West we go, which I find interesting because it is less of a novelty in the West. Maybe it is because people are considering buying one and want info, whereas in the East it is their first exposure to any folder.
McKee Creek was an agonizing pass with about a 2,000 foot gain, very hot and dry.

In Mitchell the grocery is closed, but at the cafe I drank at least 5 large Arnold Palmers (half tea, half lemonade), had a veggie burger (welcome to Oregon), potato salad and a chocolate brownie, then had stomach cramps. I was probably dehydrated, which explain the difficulty of an otherwise not outrageous pass.
Bill made an executive decision to yet again move on and climb the next pass, Ochono, and camp on its summit as a mark of dominance.
We were both quite tired but made the pass, slowly but surely.
Ochoco Divide CG was pretty with tall pines, but shockingly, no water. You could buy some from the CG hosts, but no spigots. This is only the second time in my experience I have found a USFS CG without water.
No insects!


Dugg said...

Reminds us of Dead Indian CG in WY. What a shame we didn't stop there the last time we passed it (missed the entrance and didn't want to turn around).


rabjr320 said...

Humidity here is dropping maybe Sept will be better riding. DQ milkshakes are alright but I prefer hardpack ice cream. How is BF riding? What is with tire?
I am working on "Tour de Farms" mapping etc Sept 11 so if you're nearby ...

biketrekker said...

Yeah, Dead Indian was the other NFS CG which had no water!
When I am out in the middle of nowhere and I find any IC, all my preferences go to pot and I will eat it, soft or no.
The BF is faring well, the tire was probably a victim of cattle guards! I did have the BF factory in Eugene look at the headset and they added a lock nut to keep it from loosening any more.
I will be back on 9/31 and would love to work on the Farm tour!