Saturday, August 07, 2010

Missoula rest

VW documentation.

Believe it or not, this store is called Good Foods and lives up to the name!

AC office at last! Pretty cool place and worth the 26 extra miles.

And then The Amigas and Mike showed up!

A rest day is not complete without a strenuous hike. This is the top of the "hill" on which the concrete "M" for Missoula lies.

Jamie had a local connection who streered us towards a Roller Derby game.

We locked all the bikes together. It looked just like a police stolen bike auction.

I used my iPhone to look up the rules; we were clueless, except Jamie.

The chalk writing on the wall left its impression on our backsides.

Roller Queen; my heroes!

Here is Cat, our local informer.

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