Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28, Sunday

At around 6:30 am, I walked down to the lake. The pink sky and mist over the lake were awesome. There was a little condensation inside the tents, but it didn't rain last night, so things weren't too wet.
We saw our first antelope approaching the divide crossing, which was probably the lowest/easiest yet.
At the top was a vacationer riding a mountain bike, who was kind enough to take a picture of us all together. The 3 shadow cyclists showed up, so we took their picture. They will veer off into Yellowstone, but may catch us again in Pinedale. As we get closer to the Tetons and Yellowstone RVs and vacation homes are becoming more prevalent.  There was an interesting stretch of mostly flat double track and we got to chase some cows. The double track was a nice alternative to plain dirt roads, since is less rocky, more rolling and narrower, going through undeveloped woods. It was more like a forest trail.

We had to go around 2 gates and open/close a third.

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