Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, Monday

We got the earliest start yet, around 9:00. The day started with a gradual climb developing into a steep climb over rocks, roots and small gullies. We pushed for about 3 miles uphill and 1 mile down. John rode all of it. He is a grizzly, right?

There was really nothing to complain about, though, for the scenery was fabulous and there was something great and challenging around each bend.

Two motorcyclists Jamie and I met last night who are following the GDMBR (except the no motorized vehicle parts) went this way this morning. They were not riding what I would call dirt bikes, but off-road motorcycles. Some of what they passed through is just remarkable for a motorcycle. I would have marked it as impassable.

The downhill dirt road improved and passed by many old and current mines. It also travelled parallel to Cascade Creek, true to its name.

When we got to Basin, MT Jamie and I left Roger and John eating at a cafe, while we went on.
The next 5 miles or so were dirt again, but then we followed Roger's advice and hopped on the highway. That was a rather boring 30 miles, bringing us into Butte for about a 50 mile total. The highway and route run side by side for much of that distance and the route eventually ends up on the highway anyways, so we didn't lose much.
Jamie and I cruised into Butte via interstate 90, apparently one of the few, if not the only northern route into town due to the huge strip mine on the northern boundary.
We stopped for groceries, then headed for the KOA, where we met up with Roger and John again.
Everyone took advantage of the cell phone service to call their respective peeps and I got a chance to shower. Jamie and I spent the evening talking to Mitch, from Dublin, who is touring by motorcycle. We shared a bottle of wine and a pint of Ben and Jerry's Jamie and I have bought, while John and Roger went to a pizza joint.

Start odometer 928
End 980
Avg 9.2
Max 35.2
Total 50.11
Time 5:24

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