Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20, Saturday (Rest Day)

Got up at 6:45 and did laundry. We all walked up to the No Sweat Cafe for breakfast.  It was a little like Sweetness 7 in Buffalo, NY. Later Roger and I went separately to the bike shop to check on the status of our bikes. I got sidetracked by their street market, where I bought two things because the merchant promised to ship them home for me. Roger and I bumped into each other and continued on to the bike shop and found John already there and Jamie showed up moments later. Jamie's and my bike were not ready, so we returned to the Base Camp store. Roger rehydrates his food in a plastic container during the day to reduce cooking time and Jamie and I are thinking of following his lead, but go extreme and ditch our stove. We also bought a used Sawyer filter from an employee; there were none in stock.

Our bikes were ready, so we used them to take a run to Real Foods. It was like a large Lexington Coop, with some fabulous options like bulk black bean soup mix, ginger chews and tortellini. We put bulk unscented lotion (difficult to come by) in a Go Toob, and we found another bike shop where I got a new heavily patterned jersey. The yellow Jersey is highly visible, but so is any dirt and isn't coming clean.

Dinner was at the Quarry and included margaritas.


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