Saturday, July 06, 2013

July 6 pictures

The climb out of Radium was not nearly as bad as I anticipated and we came across Dry Gulch CG soon after.  This means we probably could have made it there last night. Right out of Radium were several lookouts over the plains/valley and there was a sign telling about the bighorn sheep.  Someone had stuck a googly eye on the sheep.  I know, I know: defacing public property.  But it was pretty clever and funny.  Roger also pointed out a cloud, which looked like a forest fire, but turned out not to be.  Canal Flats (town) was a tiny town, but it had an equally tiny park, whre we met with Bill and Linda.  Roberta had communicated with them before the trip.  From Anapolis, Linda was originally from Buffalo and she is a retired art teacher and Bill was an electrical engineer.  They were doing the divide together.  Later still, we ran into Mike again, just before the Wasa Lake CG.  Roberta shifted to camp with them, and we never saw her the next morning.

Roger, John and Jamie went to swim in the lake, but I thought it might be better for me to keep my nether regions dry. Yeah.

Jamie and I had a really great dinner of scalloped potatoes with dried tomatoes, sliced carrots, parmesan cheese and hearts of hemp.

Dwight is overnighting my old Terry perforated leather saddle to Eureka, MT. If I can just make it 80 more miles.  Thanks Dwight.  Very much.

start ODO 316
max- 39
total- 70

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