Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17, Wednesday

We took our time leaving our campsite because John said he and Roger were going to make themselves a huge breakfast. Neither Jamie nor I lost much sleep,  despite having to periodically relocate our pads as we slowly slid downhill in our respective tents.

We all set off back the 2 miles to the route, all downhill this time, only to begin the 6 mile climb to a pretty uninspiring pass. There were a couple of overlooks to see the valley from which we came. Then came rolling grasslands with sparse trees.

We chased a small herd of cows down the road, but never rejoined with Roger and John.  Apparently they left a big arrow made of large branches with a post card sized note attached in the middle of the road, but we never saw it.  Personally, I think they made that part up so they could skinny dip.

We spent a lot of our time in the library updating our blogs. Again I left a $5 donation, well worth the time on the computer. John texted us to tell us that some locals were buying them drinks and food at a bar, so we went to join them and had a nice conversation with 3 ATVers who had passed us in the way into town.

We set up camp in the pavilion in the town park as it began to rain. Jamie and I went back into town for Mike's hard lemonade and peanut M&Ms, which ended up being dinner.

Start odometer 802
End 830
Total 27.38
Avg 7.9
Max 25.7
Time 3:11

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