Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 21, Sunday

We met up with Andy a GDMBR rider from Australia at the No Sweat Cafe, then parted ways. Andy is working his way towards Missoula, where he will pick up the Trans Am going east to avoid riding really remote sections of the GDMBR alone. He will rejoin that route near Colorado Springs.

The road we took today leads to a popular recreation area, with loads of vehicles going both directions.
Drivers tend to not slow down and so kick up huge amounts of dust. I don't think they are being deliberately obnoxious, just clueless that if they slowed to 5 MPH they would kick up almost none.
I saw a car with 2 little dogs hanging out the windows. The hood was pretty crumpled and bolted to the hood was a fire extinguisher.

Park Lake Recreation Area is a small lake popular for fishing, canoeing, kayaking and swimming. We swam off the canoe launch with big polliwogs swimming at our feet.

Our dinner of tortellini and rice was prepared using the soak-only method and was perfectly acceptable. John made a beautiful fire and we watched the bats and mule deer in the evening.

Start odometer 902
End 928
Total 21.79
Avg 6.4
Max 31.7
Time 3:22


James said...

Why did you tent on top of the boulder?

biketrekker said...

... because i was afraid of the ground squirrels!