Monday, July 08, 2013

July 8 pictures

I woke up to the call of a loon.  It seems like loons are pretty resilient, for this spot is not exactly remote, just rural.

The GDMBR was partly on paved and partly on gravel.  I noticed about 5 miles out that my tire was low.  I pumped it up to about 60psi and continued on to see how fast a leak it was.  I got another 20 miles, running in front of a thunderstorm.  We stopped for snacks and drinks and I pumped it up again with a little help from my friends.  About 5 miles from the border, I had to pump it up again and I knew a repair would not wait until Eureka.  We passed through the border crossing without incident and I pulled my wheel off.  A very small wire from a steel belted tire had penetrated the tire.  Roger had nice tweezers to pull it out. We moved on to Eureka, MT right down 93, since we had missed the turn-off to a quieter road. Dwight had sent me my BF saddle via USPS and I picked it up and shipped some things home.  The postal workers were kind to help us literally and figuratively get our stuff together and mail unwanted stuff home. Mailed home: cargo net, messenger bag and tri-flow. I could immediately feel the difference in the saddle. Thank you again Dwight. Roger sent a bunch if stuff home after laying all his stuff out, inventory-style behind the post office.

The motel was $36 pp, so we preferred to camp in the city park. A group of Adventure Cycling (AC) riders was already there; they are riding up to Fernie, then to Waterton Lakes and back to Whitefish through Glacier. They gave us 2 bottles of wine they didn't want to carry. Several other riders were camped out too, including Mike, it turns out, but we didn't see him until morning.

Another storm was approaching, so we went to a "casino" for dinner and John treated us all to ice cream. The restaurant opened our wine and it was pretty dreadful, even for a red.

Since there are 3 days until the next services in Whitefish, we stocked up on food to replace all the weight we got rid of by shipping stuff home. Jamie and I tried to sneak a cucumber face peel into John's cart, but he discovered and rejected it, though we tried to convince him it would make him look radiant.
Back at the park, the AC folks had gone to bed, someone doing the Parks Loop route had arrived and in the midst of us all, someone had an RV with a generator running next to it until 11:00. Earplugs!

Start odometer 449
End- 493
Total 44
Avg 12.3
Max 46.9

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