Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12, Friday

I woke up at 6:00 because the sun was streaming through the window and I worked on uploading my photos to my blog separately, since I had wifi. Typing was faster at the library yesterday, but they ask you to keep your time on their computers to one hour, so my photos are going up in groups by day.

When everyone was up we went downstairs for coffee and Jamie and I had fresh squeezed juice. Life is harsh. After saying goodbye to Kirtlye at the hostel (she took our photo with a tiny Polaroid), we headed to the Buffalo Cafe for breakfast. I got a Mediterranean omelet. Ahh.

It was mostly downhill today. At one junction a guy in a truck stopped us and suggested a slightly different route, which we tried out.

Near Big Flats, we decided to go the more risky 35 S, with no shoulder, where the speed limit dropped to 35 MPH shortly down the road, rather than try a dubious side road with multiple unmarked dead ends off it, not on our maps.  Drivers were annoyed they had trouble passing us for 1/2 mile and some of them may never get over it. Oh, well.

Just past Big Flats, we came to Wayfarers State Park.  More like a private CG than I am used to in a state park, it offered hot showers and meadow sites for hiker/bikers.  Apparently there didn't used to be sites for hikers/bikers; Roger was turned away last year because the CG was full.  The park warden, who came to "yell" at people swimming off the boat launch (just after our crew had gotten out) told us the policy had changed because the new parks commissioner was a huge cycling fan. Hurrah!
We showered and had dinner, then 4 more Divide cycling guys showed up, coming down from Banff much faster than we are.  They were all outfitted like Roger and John, with Revelate/ Cascade bags and such.  They took the other hiker/biker site.  If more had shown up, we would have welcomed them to share the site.  It started to rain, so everyone dove for their tents.

Start ODO- 591
end- 634
max 31.2
avg- 12.5
total- 42.51

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