Sunday, July 07, 2013

July 7 pictures

We packed up and left this morning; Roberta must have left with the other group.  Stopping at a small market, we found the clerk would take all our plastic tea bottles to recycle.  Sweet.

I felt much better saddle-wise, but still not nearly healed.

We rode down 93 on a beautiful day, all green and blue.  At a rest area, we poked fun at a gopher, but as I looked down its hole, I fully expected it to pop out of another hole and bite me in the butt, cartoon-style.  We also saw another coyote and osprey nest with babies.

At the intersection of 93 and 3, what I thought was an uphill turn/curve was actually a cloverleaf, but traffic was light and respectful.  93 has several causeways/bridges which are exactly wide enough for 2 cars, with no shoulder.  On one of these a truck slowed to 15 mph to stay behind us, carefully passing us after we had crossed, even though he could have passed in the other lane.

There was much more debris on this stretch, maybe because the shoulder was narrower.

We stopped for ice cream in Jaffray and ate a bunch of junk and crud, some of which looked obscene.
At the Kikomun CG near Baynes Lake, we entered at the gate and the young lady was patient and helpful, even when we collected all our change to buy freezy pops.

start ODO 386
total- 62
avg- 13.3
max- 34.8

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