Friday, July 05, 2013

July 5 pictures

The CG host (Judy?) came by late to give me more hearts of hemp.  They might be a great addition to our food repertoire if they turn out to be easy to locate in small towns.

We headed out at 8:30 and ran across Mike, stopped with a flat tire.

After about a 20 mile downhill we ate lunch at a CG and began a series of connected ascents at a pace of 5mph or less. At one plateau we met up with Mike again; he must have passed us during lunch.  We all rode together for a while for the next 20 miles of descent, 20 miles of ascent and 10 more miles of descent again.

We saw a baby bear (some also saw the mother) and a bighorn sheep walking down the street.  Then came Radium Hot Springs, where we parted from Mike.  We spent 2 hours in the pools, swimming, and in our shower washed cycling clothes. We saw a small troupe of bighorn sheep climbing a slope while we were swimming, with 5 or more including babes.

Stepping out after swimming, we noted that rain was approaching, so we booked into Radium for groceries.

Redstreak CG is just after the 93 and 95 come together.  It is a long switchbacked climb of about a mile to the entrance, but it was 7:00 and they still had sites available.  Jamie went to the head of the line and asked if they had any hiker biker sites available and they gave her a map and let us go around all the cars.  This is the second CG with community kitchen (wood stoves) and pavilions. This pavilion had lights, but no outlets.

I had managed to rub some skin off my nether regions unsing the stock Surley vinyl saddle.  I am experimenting using New Skin on it VERY CAREFULLY, masking sensitive areas.  Can you say "ouch, ouch, MOMMY....".  There is a bear box at this CG as well.

start ODO 258
total 58
avg- 12.6
max- 38.9

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