Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11, Thursday

It was looking stormy, so we decided to book down without breakfast. This meant we would not have to pack wet tents, though. If course the rain started and stopped before we left the CG and the skies even cleared as we began our mostly downhill scream towards Whitefish. As soon as we reached the pavement at the north end of Whitefish Lake the resort development began.

There was someone water skiing and huge homes set way back on huge lots. Whitefish itself has not yet been consumed by tourism, but still has a functional downtown, although it does have some sprall with big box stores along 93 to the south.

First stop was Glacier Cyclery. An excellent shop with excellent staff, both sales and mechanical worked with us. Jamie had ordered new panniers through them and they put a new tubeless tire on John's bike. They also told us about a new hostel in town called the Whitefish Hostel. So excellent.
The two sisters who started it are interesting to talk to and are hardworking entrepreneurs. They also have a juice bar there and were really helpful. I hope we helped them solidify some of their policies,  since we were some of their first customers and are a pretty laid-back bunch. Kirtlye served us fresh squeezed OJ, lemon and grapefruit juice the next morning.

After dropping our stuff there, we went off in different directions on errands.  I went to Radio Shack to get a phone on a service provider that actually works in the west. Then it was on to the Sportsmen's Outdoor (not useful, mostly clothing and low end camping/outdoor stuff), then the health food store and finally the library to blog.  The library didn't even ask for a card or ID. Sweet!

We reconvened at the hostel and then went to dinner at the Bulldog, where we were introduced to Moose Drool, a stout beer. We also tried Tamarack, which was not quite as dark.

At the hardware store they helped me find vinyl tubing and hose clamps for my racks and panniers to make them fit even more snugly. I spent my evening putting all that together on my bike. The panniers are more difficult to attach, but they won't be bouncing around.

Start odometer 555
End 591
Total 36
Avg 11.2
Max 31.3

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