Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24, Wednesday

We tried to get out early and succeeded in leaving by 8:30, so we would hit Fleecer Ridge early.  And so we hit it, the 4 of us and the other 3 riders from the CG. Six of us had to push up at some point, but the woman from the other group made it all the way up. The directions read, "Begin riding/pushing up very steep ridge". This is the first time our directions have told us we were probably going to have to push. The descent was far worse. I'm surprised I didn't wear down a spot on my tires since I was braking to totally stop the wheels from rolling,  but the bike kept going anyways. The track was so loose and steep that it was difficult-to-impossible to even walk it, forcing me to push the bike through the sage and brush.  Thus is the GMBR. If you can't find joy and humor in it, it isn't for you.
After we remounted and were on our way down.

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