Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 13, Saturday

We decided to eat breakfast in Big Flats, which is a really small tourist town. At a popular café, we were able to get good food and charge our phones.

A bike path connected Big Flats to Ferndale and there were a lot of walkers, joggers and dog exercisers on it. It offered nice views of the river, even if it is mostly captured. About 4 miles we began about a 6 mile gradual climb at about 3-5% grade. At a certain cadence, I can do that forever. Roger and John are a bit faster, so they end up waiting for us to catch up. I just justify it by saying Roger and John needed time to rehydrate and eat (probably not quite that much time…).

We saw several other divide riders today, two going north, one going south. Cedar Creek CG is not much of a CG. There appears to be one site with a picnic table and that site seems permanently occupied. There are 2 outhouses, one of which is falling into its own hole, the other has no place to sit. I later located a 3rd one, on its side closer to the river. There was also an area next to the river from which people and outfitters launch/land rafts. We stayed in this area regardless of a warning from a warden that it might be busy.

I did totally submerge myself in the river this time to de-salinate. Six rafts came down the river and landed at this spot, mostly double hulled with single occupants and beer coolers. Only one of the rafters was drunk.

We couldn’t figure out if it was an outfitter, but I think so, since the people with the trucks/trailer had not floated down. Several hours later another large raft with 4 guys showed up, but we were in our tents. They were older, maybe my age and after some discussion, they left in their truck/trailer to find another pull out with a campsite. I’m not sure why they didn’t just camp in the parking lot, but at around 9pm they came back and re-launched, immediately pulling out their fishing rods. It was getting dark already…

Start ODO 634
End ODO 672
Max 24.5
AVG- 8.4
Total 37.7
Time: 3.37hrs

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