Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26, Friday

Cool and windy brought the dawn. I put that in just for Rachel.

A GDMBR rider stopped as we were packing up and then continued on his way (Daryl). Rolling hills and seemingly empty country allowed us to see the road ahead for miles. Jamie and I chased some more cows, which after we passed served as a warning system for approaching cyclists (Daryl, then John, then Roger) long after we passed. We had to push up the climb for a while, it was so steep. Jamie refers to this as "stretching my legs".

Around a bend we startled a large herd of elk, which divided into 2 groups and bolted. Wow, they can cover a lot of ground quickly. We also saw our first all American coyote, the last being in Canada.
The last half of the day was rolling downhill. We rolled into Dell (off route) for groceries and to visit the Yesterday Calf-A, and I decided to seek medical attention that could not wait another week until a large town surfaced.

I asked restaurant patrons leaving if any were heading north to Dillon and a really nice couple from Calgary offered to take me with them. After I had accomplished my mission, the clinic's 19 year old receptionist offered to drive me the 50 miles back to Dell. She stopped home to pick up her 14 year old brother and off we went.

They were exceptionally kind and asked me all kinds of questions and we chatted about how fabulous Montana is, about technology and about cars. In Dell, I grabbed my bike and rode like the wind to Lima, literally, because I had a 15 MPH tailwind. I got there around 9pm.

In Lima, everyone had chipped in for a huge room, which meant warm showers, beds and a flush toilet.
Daryl and the 4 cyclists we met near Fleecer Ridge were at the same hotel; Kevin, Susan and Glenn. Two of our group member's odometers hit 1,000 today.

Start odometer 1126
End 1177
Total 50
Max 33.3
Avg 12.1
Time 3:55

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