Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, Monday

On our last day together, we rented full suspension bikes and hired a guide/ instructor to show us some strategies for riding mountain bikes on trails. This was pretty cool, as he took us on a "Pump" track, used to teach/practice maneuver on rolling terrain. Breckenridge also has a tiny terrain park. Both of these practice areas were being used by very young children, who were out-performing me, but Jamie did super well. I think her skiing helps; she is fearless.
I took my bike to Alpine Sports to ship. (Not impressed- the bike made it home without damage, but that appeared to be pure luck. The packaging had shifted and was minimal and the store called me to find out if I had paid for the shipping. On the plus side, they agreed to also ship a box of stuff for me and did not charge me enough to cover a second box they needed.) Fireside Inn found me a box to take on the plane for the stuff I would need in Portland. Have I said what a fabulous place that hostel is? 

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