Friday, August 02, 2013

August 2, Friday

We got going around 9 am and only had 2 miles of loose gravel with washboard left, then pavement. On this trip I don't generally relish pavement,  but it was nice to stop banging around.
38 miles of riding between two mountain ranges was really engaging; the Wind River range was to the east and the Bridger-Teton range to our west. Nearing Pinedale we jumped out onto a well maintained dirt road, which turned paved and then added a bike path.
The first stop was the hardware store /bike shop, where Jamie scored an incredibly high end 29" tire. Ironically they had nothing high end for my 26" wheel, a size I chose because of its commonness.
Susan, Glenn and Kevin rolled into the Pinedale CG as well, after scoping out the town a bit.  The CG is pretty run down and we had to pay $26 for a site with a barely functional picnic table (one bench mostly unscrewed and unusable), and no laundry or pool. It was right in town, which made up for almost everything but the table.
Roger and John opted to stay at a hotel, but they are expensive here at $89. Jamie and I did laundry and had ice cream, but my tire decided to pick up a roofing nail as entertainment,  so I had to fix that before dinner.
We ate at the Wind River Brewery, where my glass of beer was excellent, but the only vegetarian option was sub-par. Roger and John returned to their hotel because neither felt well, but John later rejoined Jamie, Susan, Kevin and me for the Pinedale rodeo. It was the smallest rodeo I have ever seen, but enjoyable none the less.
Start odometer 1475
End 1519
Max 31.5
Total 40
Avg 12.9
Time 3:19

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Since you were only five at the time, you won't remember going to the Pinedale rodeo. There were two champion cowboys there though (both from Cora). The feature of the evening was a calf with a ribbon tied to its tail being chased by the kids - the one who got the ribbon won a prize. Had to be seen to be believed - neither you or Tracy caught the poor scared thing.
The campground you are at is undoubtedly the old KOA. When we went packing at Green River Lakes, I got pneumonia and the three of you carried my gear out, turned the camper around and mom drove us into Pinedale with a dropped muffler held up by rope that kept burning out. A rancher gave us a piece of baling wire - Wyoming's answer to the machine age. We found a doctor to give me a shot of penicillin, took a quickie community shower at the KOA and stayed at a hotel in town. Those were the days!

Dad & Mom