Thursday, August 08, 2013

August 8, Thursday

We returned to Penny's diner (lunch yesterday) for breakfast to rejoin Roger and John. The path out of Rawlins led us back into sagebrush territory for about 2/3 of the day. The road was dirt, moderately new, about 6 cars wide, seemed to go nowhere specific and carried little traffic unrelated to the construction. All this leads me to believe it was a project to grease palms. At an intersection the road was clearly marked as closed, but when has that stopped us. It turns out they were re-grading it to make it less steep, but again, for who I'm not sure.
We entered Medicine Bow National Forest and the roller coaster climbing and falling became exacerbated by moderate washboard.  The water availability became less and less and the water more commonly trod by sheep, flocks of which we passed and chased on the way to the campsite near Little Sandstone Creek.  We will try to make it down the road a bit with the water we have.  There was an unfamiliar cyclist with a BOB trailer already at the site.  Jamie found the full skeleton of a sheep; the skin had been pulled off and "set" aside.

beg odo- 1760
end 1817
total 57
avg 9
time 5:49
max 33.2

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