Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13, Tuesday

We rejoined Roger and John at the Creekside restaurant for breakfast. They had an amazing unusual breakfast burrito! Only took one more opportunity to harass the great staff at Orange Peel Bikes.
We passed through the Yampa river trail system, which has a good quality road alongside the river and below some basalt column looking things. This led us to Stagecoach Reservoir and the defunct never launched Stagecoach ski resort. I wonder if someone lost their shirt building homes on speculation, because there are so many homes and a large percentage of them are for sale. The pass was mostly a long gradual climb, we had some urgency, because we were being chased by a thunderstorm.It eventually overtook us and we got wet, but as we pulled out our raincoats it stopped and the sun came out.
At Lynx campground, there was a duct tape note on the the  sign for the hand pump that said "no water", but we didn't even see the pump. On further examination, we found the pump and extracted water, so we can only hypothesize that someone couldn't find the pump.

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