Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11

We drank coffee and chatted with Gretchen and Marc in their kitchen, then went and hung out at the bike shop (Orange Peel), while they worked on John and Roger's bikes and then ate breakfast at the Bamboo food store.  Susan and Kevin were toodling about in that area, so we set up a time and place for dinner together before parting.   

John, Roger, Jamie and I climbed in the Emerald mountain biking area, enjoying real single track mountain biking without panniers and bags.  We got down too late to go tubing, but did laundry and showered instead before dinner.  We stayed at the Bristol, a hotel my partner and I discovered when staying in Steamboat 10 years ago with our kids and my parents.   It is still great.  Roger and John stayed at Rabbit Ears hotel, at the other end of town.  We never made it out of the dinner restaurant in time for the hot springs.  

When I jokingly proposed another rest day in Steamboat, I was rather surprised at how fast everyone in our group agreed, but Susan and Kevin persisted in moving on the next day.
Susan and Kevin had seen Roberta and she told them our next CG is closed (Linx Pass), we we will have to check on that, but it was nice to hear Roberta had continued to find people to travel with.  We parted from Susan and Kevin with hope we will see them in Breckenridge.
start odometer 1899
end 1914
total 15 

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