Saturday, August 03, 2013

August 3, Saturday REST DAY

I was a little worried about taking a rest day in Pinedale because it is not a very big town,  but it turned out to be enjoyable. We did a lot of running around from one end of town to the other, starting with breakfast at the grocery store. Drivers in Pinedale are particularly polite to cyclists and walkers. Riding on the shoulder,  if we so much as looked back to check the traffic, it would stop in both directions.
I got a flat very early on, from a roofing nail which went all the way through to puncture the other side of the tube as well and I foolishly tried to patch the dozen holes it produced. New tube.
Roger and john had gone to a health clinic for a probable water born parasite and the nurse practitioner just wrote a script for Flagyl for all of us, so we all filled them. Jamie and I probably don't have that, but it will just hang out in our bags as insurance. She must have realized that we might be hundreds of miles away by the time it attacks and if we don't get it, we just won't take it.
I also picked up a spare tire, though it is sub-par in quality for this kind of trek. Hopefully I won't need it at all, though it is heavy and bulky. We cleaned our drive trains and inspected our bikes, did grocery shopping for 4 days out and went to the library. I booked a flight to PDX from Denver, made sure I could get a shuttle from Breckenridge and located a hostel. It all seems like a good plan. I will need to contact the really sweet Warmshowers host in Colorado Springs and tell him I'm not coming. It was just cutting it uncomfortably close and I found that stressfull. This plan will leave me to occupy myself in Breckenridge potentially for 6 days, but I suspect the group may spend a rest day there.
We ate dinner at the Patio Grill, but were too stuffed for dessert. No drinking occurred, because Flagyl makes you violently ill if you drink.
Our bags are quite full of food.

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