Sunday, August 04, 2013

August 4, Sunday

Jamie and I stayed at the campground again last night and slept in until 7am. We managed to get packed and still get to the Rock Rabbit Cafe by 8am, where we got delightful meals. The staff there is very relaxed and collectively have a great sense of humor. Roger and John showed up with fake mustaches, which they got a lot of humor mileage out of.
Jamie and I ran to the store again, while Roger and John finished loading their bikes at their hotel. I also managed to call for a Breckenridge to Denver shuttle, a Breckenridge bike shop to schedule shipping my bike and a hostel there to stay the night before my flight. I also texted the Colorado Springs warmshowers host to let him know I would not be coming.
We headed down the road with a slight headwind to Boulder, WY and stopped at a gas station/convenient mart. There was a NOLA horsepacking group there, stocking up on snacks before a 3 week excursion.  From there we headed east, paralleling the Bridger wilderness area. The terrain is rolling treeless and sage. It was a pretty relaxing 50 miles and we arrived at Little Sandy Creek at around 3:30. Nancy rolled in right behind us. She is making a beeline for Vail from Steamboat Springs.
We bathed in the creek, cool, stoney and sandy. There are a lot of cow pies,  so we had to be careful where we pitched and stepped.

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