Friday, July 15, 2016

RAGBRAI update

Well, we lost our almost 2 year old RAGBRAI companion.  Discretion is the better part of valor.  It was decided that maybe more pressing than whether we could keep a 2 year old engaged during RAGBRAI was the fact that he might not appreciate the 11 hr drive to get there.

Obstacle now: how do we get back to the car when the event is finished.  Well, we decided to hedge our bets.  Currently we have a one way U-Haul from the end, where we will leave the car, to the beginning. ALSO, we have a rental car reserved for the same orientation, but the drop off must be 30 miles north. This would entail dropping the group at the beginning, returning the car and then cycling the 30 miles.  Not undoable, but not the first choice.  So, why don't we just stick with the U-Haul? Because they can't tell us the pickup time until the day before, so if we can't get the truck until 4pm, that would not be very useful, since we are taking 2 days to get there.
There were not any useful ride shares on the forums. Another problem area is that for the rental car, we would need a bike rack (pickups and vans are not available on a one-way trip). And I am pretty sure you can't have the RAGBRAI baggage trucks carry non-bagged items. So we will be trying to get the car bike rack into a duffle and squeeze two people's stuff into a single duffle, so as to not have too many bags. If U-Haul comes through, it won't matter.

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