Tuesday, July 26, 2016


We woke up to the unzippering of tents and the backup noises of the luggage trucks at around 5am. Packing up quickly, we had the bags on the truck by 6am. Breakfast was on the road; we got English muffins with egg, cheese and unbelievably, kale. 
We did 75 miles today, with the most memorable town for me being Corning. They had an announcer answering questions and asking people to tell where they were from. Vicashu was also a cute town; many of them are seeking quality ways to revitalize, while retaining what is the essence of who they are. 
The end town was a bit disappointing, Camping was really pretty far out of town for riding back in after the long day, and they put in a lot of effort on their newsletter and promoting an evening concert, that was overshadowed by our difficulty finding the expo, which we actually needed things from, the seeming  lack of participation from little not- for profits we saw in some of the day hosts. 
The showers were pretty great and the camping area was fine, but the shuttle  bus driver whose bus we got on for the return to the camping did three loops returning to the downtown area each time and never took the increasingly irritated passengers to the 2 main places they wanted to go. We finally got off the bus on its 3 sojourn into downtown. When I told him he never went to the college, he said we would have eventually. 

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