Friday, July 29, 2016


Fix this
Everyday up at 5 earplugs essential
Every morning everything is damp or wet
Washing clothes

We got out and going today, but Patty still left before us by quite a bit. Dwight was quite uncomfortable, but soldiered on fabulously. When I got up in the morning there was a lightning bug under the tent. It was flashing under the tent like an LED. I guided it out. We ate breakfast at the place that serves the English muffin sandwiches, but this time we got the giant blueberry pancakes. Very yummy.
The middle town had a farm animal petting zoo, which the farmer said her husband predicted would be uninteresting, was quite a hit. 
Much further down the road was a winery: vineyard and then the daily craft brewery mobile unit, which we stopped at for the first time today.
People used the cornfields as a bike rack. 
And there were two surly fully suspended  bike fully loaded there. But when I asked about them the riders said they had just started today. 

The Town of Washington is quite cute. The showers was the livestock washing area surrounded by black plastic. My instantaneous response was that it looked like something out of Auschwitz. 
The showers were great, however.

The community building in the fairgrounds near us was serving the potatoes pie and lemonade. Had some of that before going downtown and eating in a coffee shop. We got a chance to talk to Jarett again from last night. And everybody really wanted to hit the hay.

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