Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 1 Glenwood to Shanandoah

We woke up and started packing at 5:15.  Dwight and I brushed teeth and I made pita and goat cheese sandwiches to get rid of some of the food and were pretty slow to finish packing. Patty was trying to eat up her cheese curds. All the bags were on the truck by 7:00 and we headed out. You need to know the truck number and the time you put your bag on in order to help you find it in the morning. We hit a smallish hill right off the bat and it was the first of many rollers. The small towns we stopped in were about 10 miles apart. The were lines for most things, but they moved along well. All sorts of foods were available, but most are not vegetarian. All in all, there were generally good vegetarian choices.
We lost Patty at a water bottle filling station and thought we had accidentally left her behind when we decided to move on, but she turned up ahead of us.
And we later lost Dwight when we got close to the end, but he showed up behind us at the end town. A shower and swimming rejuvenated us and we had a yummy dinner at 4:30 in a local restaurant in a converted church. It rained pretty hard, which toned down the temperature. High today was prob around 84. 

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