Thursday, July 28, 2016


Bolted out of Leon and hit up our now usual breakfast stop 5 miles out of town. There are many small tent or camper vendors, selling everything from coffee and bagels, to breakfast burritos. Free beer is also offered at the stop we've frequented. Many, many people take up the free beer offer. They are a family affair, with 5 kids 13 and under and they seem a pretty good team. 
We passed through many very small towns, but they consistently turn out to guide and sell to and welcome us. Some clever methods of raising money come in to play. Today one town collected money by letting people pose for pictures atop a very docile steer, all the while their rodeo clowns were photo bombing. 

The very last town, Mystic,  before the end town was at the bottom of a steep hill and after our visit, we had to buck up and climb it with no momentum. 
In Centerville, we took a well organized shuttle bus to both delightfulnshowers and dinner. Centerville is one of the biggest towns on the route. 

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