Thursday, July 28, 2016


We left Creston at around 6:45 and tried to collect breakfast just outside of town, but we lost Dwight there and didn't pick him up again until the next town, Diagonal. 
They had a whole pirate theme thing going on that was pretty cool. Many towns have cool bike themed arches over the road into town. 
We saw a variety of costumed riders, including Batman, and many with tutus. 
Mount Ayr had creatively taken a horse watering trough, filled it with water and ice chest sized chunks of ice and added colored washers that sank to the bottom.  I got to watch several people jump in and try to get washers off the bottom. The highest washer value was $100. 

My chain fell off today. It got between the chain ring and the frame. I had sent Dwight ahead when returning to the road after a quick rest area, so he did know what had happened. I could only hope that he would think I had gotten ahead of him.  7 or so US Air Force riders tried to tell me, but untimately I took my chain off to fix it. I did finally accept from one couple, who offered me wet wipes. 
The information, signage and general disorganization of the town were apparent. Really nice people tried to help, but were unprepared. Even the people at the information booth did not know where the RAGBRAI camping lot was located. They seemed more familiar with the group campgrounds. I finally figured it out pretty much by myself and checked my phone to find a message each from Patty and Dwight, with their tent site location. Showers at the high school were dreadful; scalding hot, with exceptionally slippery floors. Dinner was a mediocre, but filling, cafeteria style affair. We recharged out phones and hit the hay. 

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