Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finger Lakes day3: 36 miles

We had agreed to get up early and bolt to get to the Ithaca Farmer's market by 1 at the latest, so up at 6 and out by 7.
Breakfast was in Moravia at the Eatery. Yummy breakfast wraps and cinnamon muffins.
Rachel said the miles were easier and maybe we did mostly uphill yesterday. That may make for more of a struggle when we finally go back for the car. The descent into Ithaca on route 34 was a little hairy due to a very narrow shoulder, but the speed limit was 45 and we were going 30, so most drivers didn't get too upset, but we won't climb back out that way. The farmer's market was delightful and we ate a pint of heirloom cherry tomatoes, two scones and half gallon of cider. There were vendors there selling silk screened t-shirts, clay pots, hand woven baskets and canned foods like chutney. The clientele was interesting and varied, though more through lifestyle than income level. I answered an online survey about the short bike/ped trail we came in on and one question was about gender: male, female, other. Very nice.
At the Visitor's center we found out there is a large race at Watkins Glen and the whole area is filled up. The lady at the visitors center suggested we call the State Park's direct line to see what could be arranged, so this we did. The office told us they were full, but to call the park manager and in this way we spoke to Kathy. She squeezed us into an "emergency" site. So sweet.
Buttermilk Falls has no bike path directly to it, so we got dumped onto a high speed, high traffic, no shoulder road for a quarter mile span. We even went under a nice pedestrian bridge, but were later told there was no access to it and it went nowhere. Kinda stupid, considering there was a nearby bike path. Also, you can follow a low traffic road most of the way and if you know what you are doing you can go up a dead end to a tiny trail which leads to the park office. Really surprising that the bike paths and such are not better developed and utilized. Probably kind of a typical "not enough dedicated people" kind of thing. Some people are obviously working on it.
The road to the campground seems to go straight up. This is the first time I needed my granny gear and I couldn't get into it, so I walked a portion. Beautiful CG, quiet and small. We pitched the tent, dumped the panniers and rode back to Ithaca for dinner at Taste of Thai.

So yummy. Got back at 8:30, blinky lights a blinkin. Shower, Chill Out game and sleep.

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