Monday, August 15, 2011

Finger Lakes day 4

No hurry today. We will probably stay at Buttermilk Falls for three more nights, so I zoomed down the hill and go a new site assignment and cranked back up. Out of the 6 or so sites we had noted as being better and empty, only one was available.
Breakfast of rolls and pesto, carrots, pretzels and trail mix. We didn't get going until 11:30, but then had a good time again eating at the Farmer's market.

On the way to the science center we dried our clothes and afterwards tried to go to the coop. Downtown pretty much shuts down at 6 on Sundays, so we ended up at a restauant for dinner. We had stopped at a toy store to look over their games and picked up a bananagrams type gave involving numbers called Sodomoku, which we played during dinner. The restaurant was Mate and the whole group running it had long hair and were very hippyish. The food was fair, but the interior was what got us into the cool zone. Decorated with wood and branches, the place looked like the inside of a log cabin where people didn't have a saw mill to mill lumber. The branches were fitted together cleverly and the whole place had a skilled wood artist look about it.
We got back to the SP at around 8:15 and Jamie showed up. We were pretty loud, but quieted down by 10 in time for quiet hours.

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