Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finger Lakes day 2- 22 miles

Got up and lazed around after Patty and George left for work, then rode to the LBS and had them adjust Rachel's borrowed bike's derailleurs and rear brake. Truthfully I should have done these things before leaving, but time was tight and Rachel was suffering from a lack of gears. Breakfast then we were off.
I was busy misinforming Rachel about the farm knowledge Bill attempted to impart, when Rachel noted how it would be nice to have all that info in a little book. That's when it struck me: the Pocket Bill farm reference book- just enough Bill, but not too much.

Oats, soybeans, corn and hay fields abound. We saw several different types of combines, including one towing a hay fluffed (smile/wink).
We met a couple from Rochester while lounging by the side of the road eating pretzels. They introduced us to the maps generated by the Onondaga bike club of Finger Lakes routes.
Today rolling hills mostly, we mostly stayed off state routes.
In Moravia we stopped at a grocery for lunch/ dinner and shared a pint of Ben and Jerry's Steven Cobert. Waffle cone and caramel. Funny, but not as tasty as some. We also picked up 2 quarts of blueberries, cottage cheese, salt and vinegar potato chips, oj and carrots.
The 2 miles more to Fillmore Glen SP went quickly; we barely got a site because it was Friday, Showered, ate and played Bananagrams, of course. Rachel spent time creating blueberry people and eating them.

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