Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Finger Lakes day 5

Rained all night, but a good tent and good siting kept the water at bay (hahahaha, I am so funny). We ate a light breakfast, then made our way to Ithaca. Got into the coop satellite location and bought second breakfast, then visited the used bookstore, where we engaged in deep discussions about activism, cooking, books and life experiences. We spent a lot of time doing this, then returned to Viva for margeritas and lunch and jumped to Mate Format for coffee and to escape the rain. In the short interval between showers we dashed to the main store of the coop. Spending a lot of time checking out the goods, we then ate gelato and sorbet while waiting for the rain to stop. It never did and at 8:30 we headed out in the dark and rainy night to return to the CG. There we hung out in the pavillion with other groups trying to escape the rain., passing the time playing games and watching out the bat inside.

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