Sunday, August 07, 2016

On my way... To China

I took a flight out at 10 am from Buffalo to JFK.
And then an "almost not enough time" flight from JFK TO Beijing. I wasn't thinking that you need to exit the domestic terminal and go back through security to the international terminal; I neglected to empty my water bottle. For reference, you need to exit the gates section (escorted) and go all the way back around to security and wait in line again.
I thought Air China was better than average as a carrier. Ample leg room, at least 50 free movies and 2 meals, what more can you ask?
From their air safety video

The flight passed north into the arctic circle via Canada, then dropped through Russia and south to China. Cool ice flows, barren tundra with very clearly defined frozen rivers, then mountainous terrain in China. 

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