Thursday, August 11, 2016

Aug 10

We passed by this washed out dam on our way. Workers were struggling pretty quickly to try to fix the bank and ready it for repair.

And we came across this river, with the two houses in the middle of the river. 
In this picture you see mobile beehives. Farmers pay the beekeepers to move the hives to wherever the Klopp's are flowering. Usually the beekeepers directed tent nearby, to stay in with their families.
I found it interesting that they ran the pipelines all about ground in the city
The path to the temple was really awesome. No vehicles were allowed and it was paved and had really nice vegetation planted around it.
This is a Buddhist temple. There were several small groups of people coming up to worship at it. It was one family that had three generations, and the grandmother was explaining to the children what to do and like to do it.

Oh on the couch away from the temple at two levels. When levels for cars on the other level was for bikes and pedestrians. The road level had a creek running across it.
This temple, with a new stairwell, brand-new, leading to it. There was no signage, however.
IThe mural on the front of the flank museum. The remains that were found in the caves nearby disappeared during World War II, according to Marian.
Fields of lotus plants. 
And some of the town homes are built around courtyards. Each family has its own courtyard, and some of them are very neat and tidy and pretty.
This man popped out of the courtyard with his sheep. 

This is the courtyard from which he came.
The shepherds may have an agreement with the The tree farmers to graze their sheep among the young trees. 
 Marian says it's unusual to see rice grown this far north, but that's what's in this picture.
Seriously, no cars allowed.
Route; from Marian's GPS tracker

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