Friday, August 19, 2016

Aug 17

I liked the mural, which Marian says is actually propaganda, as the backdrop for these bikes. 
For breakfast, we bought what looked like and was prepared like, crepes. She spread egg on top, then put vegetables and sauce on top and folded it into forths. 
The whole thing was done in a cart she stood behind. 
Tree lined streets. 
This work crew was taking a siesta; their hammocks are strung under the trees. 
This very old entry into a family compound revealed and cool seal, just inside. 
The seals are usually placed were the wall turns, I assume to ensure the privacy of the courtyard. 
This is labeled on maps as a gate, and people conferred, but there was no sign of walls ever being connected to it. 

The lions are undoubtedly not original. Marian noted the artist didn't even bother finishing parts. 

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