Friday, August 26, 2016

Aug 24

I headed for the Forbidden City on my bike this morning, but was told I had to park the bike 1km away, which is almost as far away as the hostel, so I gave up on that for today. 
Instead I tried to retrace my steps and find the coffee shop I stumbled upon when I re-entered Beijing. Unfortunately, TrackMyTour lacks fidelity when posting a waypoint, so I had to travel back and forth to find it. When I finally located it at just before 9am, I did put in an edit request for Google maps. I realize the Chinese can't use google maps without a VPN, but foreigners can. 
Unfortunately, they didn't open until 10:00. A coffee shop. 10am. Just saying. It doesn't seem to stall its popularity a bit. When they did open, this was my second attempt to get a mocha, but instead I managed to get a drink that resembled sweet, watery spinach. Now I like spinach... but...

My third attempt this trip met with success. 

I also had Japanese curried rice with crispy chicken.  Unsure how authentic a curry would be for a dish, but tasty. It was relatively expensive at 75¥ or $12 US.  That and the "crepe" I had this morning held me for the day and dinner was 4 plums. 
Afterwards, I inefficiently zigzagged across the city to get interesting souvenirs. The zig zagging made me very happy, zooming along in chaotic traffic, often outpacing the scooters. At one point, my travels took me across this point. 

Every American or big European brand had a store in this area. 
I also came across this building, still under construction. 

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