Sunday, May 01, 2011

Google Maps, cycling directions and MyMaps

Missing from Google Maps cycling directions is a way to save those directions to the MyMaps application (available if you have a Google account only).  A save option is available if you use the driving directions, but not if you want to route using no tolls, walking or cycling.
This site does a pretty good job of hinting at the fix for saving cycling directions to MyMaps. The missing piece is this:

Paste the "link" email results in the address bar of a new tab, then add &output=kml part to the end of the address; hit return- this will cause google to ask if you want to save the file, which can be imported.

One warning- the directions format differently after you import them to MyMaps.  If you like them the original way, you should print or convert them to a pdf.

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