Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have plotted out 50 miles per day on a US map, so here is a prediction of where we will be on each Saturday (represented on the map by the little white flags):
May 31 Yorktown, VA
June 5 Buchanon, VA
June 12 Hazard, KY
June 19 Marion, KY
June 26 Houston, Missouri
July 3 Rosalia, KS
July 10 Eads, CO
July 17 Rand (near Walden), CO
July 24 Moran Junction, WY
July 31 Darby, MO
Aug 7 Cambridge, Idaho
Aug 14 Sisters, OR
Aug 18 Florence, OR

Obviously, this makes many assumptions, including that we will never rest, vary our pace and that our ending is in Florence, OR, which is unknown. This is really meant to help with meetups along the way.

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