Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Niagara Falls in the Rain

Today looked as good or better than the rest of the week to do a longer ride fully loaded. The Bike Friday and Ortlieb panniers performed well.

The weather forcast was for 66 degrees and mostly sunny, but the temp dropped to 50 and it rained on me half the time. Good practice!

Total distance was 42 miles in about 4 hours. Some hearty souls were out at the falls, but it was pretty quiet.

There were many cormorants and some mergansers, but no mink or stoat this time.

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Rachel said...

FYI: Tried to get a better look at your photos, but since they're coming from Picasa I can't see a larger version (not open to the public).

biketrekker said...

Try it now. Altered permissions on Picasa album.