Monday, May 03, 2010

Here are a few examples of the Moo cards which came in the mail today. allows you to submit up to 100 different photos to put on your 100 mini cards. The opposite side has space for your text and a line graphic. I put my name, blog address and a brief reminder of who I am, so that I can hand these out to people who want to see where I am in my journey. I only chose about 20 different images; the images I chose needed to format well onto the skinny cards and I wanted them to be photos I took while cycling (though one is not). Moo allows you to upload your photos and then there are tools online to zoom, rotate and crop the photos to the correct dimensions. I thought the upload time was quite reasonable.
Cost: $25 including shipping for 100. They came in a really robust two part box. These cards exceeded my expectations!

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