Thursday, July 26, 2012

Netherlands July 24

As we traveled towards De Hoge Veluwe National Park, we passed a steam excursion train.
A very short train, we didn't have to wait for long.
In the park, they allow people to borrow (unsupervised) white bikes to tour the park. You can return the bikes to any entrance and they are free. All sorts are offered, from basic single person to ones with child seats front, back or both.

In the very center is a museum with huge sculpture gardens and an extensive collection of work by Dutch artists and others.  There is a relatively large collection of work by Van Gogh.

The park management is constantly striving to keep the human induced landscapes.  They cut down trees and actually encourage the creep of the sand. The result is a landscape  which sometimes looks like Eastern American woodlands and sometimes like an African safari.

At the campground, there was a Lego model of a VW bus. One of the better campgrounds, the shower and bathroom stall doors were salvaged from a barn on the grounds, it was very family friendly and harbored a wide variety of people.

We met a Dutch family, which included a 7 year old boy and about a 4 year old girl. The boy was powering his own bike, while the mother and father towed the 4 year old and camping stuff. They do up to 30 miles per day, pretty huge for such a small boy. I was incredibly impressed.

Every Dutch person I tried to talk to knew some english. Even the ones who were embarrassed to speak, because they said their english was so poor, spoke better english than my spanish.  It was embarrassing to me that they were embarrassed.  If they only knew; I tried to tell them how really good their english was.

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