Monday, July 23, 2012

Netherlands July 23

Zwolle was the first town I've noticed with more than just town gates, but retained parts of the walls and its old pump. New portions of and actually entirely different buildings were built up against old church walls.row 1, column 2
row 2, column 1
They might use the rotation of the sails to hoist the logs from the river and up that ramp on the right.
We took a ferry across the river, even though there were perfectly good bridges close by, but this brought us past a windmill whose purpose was/is to mill lumber brought by river.

Many water birds, including storks, spend their time searching for food near the shores. The storks see especially enamored of searching through a farmer's freshly mowed hay.
You can kind of see how many cyclists are waiting for the special bike light to change.  Most of these were triggered by a button, not an electromagnetic pad on the ground.

Passing through Zutphen, we had to hunt a little for the CG, but found it. The main bathhouse is BYO toilet paper. Can't really say I understand this.  Cool otherwise.
Some interesting things we noted in Zutphen, which really apply to most of The Netherlands:
loads of gargoyles
church windows were generally not stained glass, but small panes
most houses/buildings had hoists, since the stairs were too steep and narrow to get things into the upper floors

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