Friday, July 21, 2006

Tuesday, July 11th

Breakfast was as delightful as dinner and we awoke to beautiful blue skies. The ride to Seneca Falls was calm and there were no real troubles to note. The National Women’s Hall of Fame was rather disappointing, no more really than a bunch of writing on the wall. I could have gotten as much from a book. I hope they improve this museum, for the concept has much promise. The National Park service has a museum in Seneca Falls, as well, dedicated to chronicling the women’s suffrage movement, as well as other civil rights movements to a lesser extent. This museum was incredibly detailed and multi-media and had a temporary? exhibit on the lives and careers of women members of congress, offering a glimpse at how different their experience is from that of their male counterparts.

There was a wine and cheese party in celebration of our ride, on which I passed. Instead I sought out potential dining partners, for dinner was not provided on this night. There were many groups of people searching together for restaurants, but I found that the bigger the group, the more difficult consensus becomes. Instead I found a very pleasant gentleman. I was afraid he would find me to be boring company, but he was very aware of what was going on around him in the world and was happy to discuss a wide variety of topics. Though there was a shuttle operating, we chose to walk back to the school together with my bike.

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