Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday, July 14th

Our group did have a bicycle stolen last night. Last year two were apparently stolen from a Syracuse museum. I had commented about all the unlocked bicycles to someone last night, just before I retired and feel I jinxed us.

Breakfast was eaten at the local YMCA. I tried to get out early, but there were many flat tires and I stopped many times to perform SAG duties. The first time was just a mile or two outside of Rome. I think the vehicle SAG thought I was calling about some hotshot racing off to the next town, because he said most of the group hadn’t even left the YMCA yet. In fact, it was somebody who was probably trying to get an early start to avoid the heat of the day. She had a hole in her tire and there was nothing I could do for her, but wait until someone picked her up. Most of the route was on roads today, and the weather was warm and dry. In Schuyler, one couple reported they were pursued by a dog, which had given them a scare. They had called the police, who picked up the dog.

I had wanted to tour a brewery, but I had to stop so many times that I was too late. At Little Falls I was shown a temporary repair for a broken spoke. I believe it was a string made of Kevlar, with special nipples, that took the place of a spoke. In addition, I got the chance to practice a neat trick to repair a hole in a tire. I placed a folded dollar bill between the tire and the hole. This patch lasted the gentleman, whose tire I fixed, the rest of the trip.
Mud and debris, gratiously cleared by the DOT?

Between Rome and Canajoharie, you could see the mess and destruction caused by the flooding in the last week of June 2006. Click here for pictures of the flood waters. As a result of the flooding, the lockhouse at lock 10 was swept off its foundation.
Lockhouse at Lock10- knocked off foundation

Already at Canajoharie, one of the gentlemen I had met saved two tent sites in a prime location for myself and the man I had drafted on earlier in the week. We enjoyed each other’s company for dinner and the evening. I spent a good portion of the rest of the trip with these two gentlemen.

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