Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Osprey Radial pack 34 Review

Osprey Radial 34 review/reflections
Overall, this gets 3 out of 4 stars

Elements I really like/love:

  • The zipper pull tabs are the best I have ever seen
  • Bright green color is very visible and seems to make an impact on drivers
  • Blinky clip strip is excellent and should be found on every pack everywhere
  • There is a sleeve under the blinky clip to clip back the waist strap when you aren't using it
  • The double pocket in the far back (when accessing the pack) has two compartments- great since I carry both a laptop and ipad
  • Second pocket has a diagonal topped slot in which I keep my glasses- they don’t fall out, but come easily when fetched
  • Hidden rain cover. Brilliant.

Elements which could use improvements:
  • Water bottle/side pockets- don’t hold tall bottle at all, secondary internal pocket in one of the side pockets interferes with the pocket’s usability, zippers require two hands to close, making it unlikely I will store my wallet or phone there. If there was a loop or something to hold onto while zipping, two handed closing would be easier. 
  • Small front pocket is too small- would like it to hold my phone and wallet, key clasp is not purposeful, since it doesn’t keep keys from falling to the bottom of this tiny pocket
  • Second pocket back- too deep, items fall to bottom, which takes up space in the next pocket back- suggest it is shallower
  • Not enough pen slots (which I use for other things, like a spoon, sharpie, mat knife)

  • Third pocket back-Document pouch- the reinforcing tape for the mesh pockets on the other side of the divider obstruct documents from sliding easily down. I solved this by inserting a piece of cardstock, so documents now slide in easily.  This really should not be necessary.
  • The handle on the top- should be black, because my hands are often dirty and this shows clearly on the bright green-
  • The helmet clasp- the idea is great, but the shock cord is too short and rather cumbersome. ***UPDATE- I have gotten used to this and can make it work well for me.
  • Make it lighter in weight

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